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Western Sydney Parklands

Southern Parklands Framework

Western Sydney Parklands is the lungs of the growing western Sydney community and the future Parklands City.
This huge green corridor is an important part of the NSW Government’s long-term vision for contemporary urban living in western Sydney.
We’ve worked with communities and stakeholders to develop a plan for the southern area of the Parklands, a footprint of around 1,500 hectares from Cecil Hills to Leppington.
It’s a big plan and it works from the ground up. Western Sydney is changing, so we’ve built a plan that changes with you.


What can you expect?
  • New pedestrians and cycle paths: waterside tracks and trails including a new iconic western Sydney walk
  • The Lookout: An eye-catching elevated platform with sweeping 360-degree views to the Blue Mountains and city skyline
  • The Blue Seam: Terraces by the water will make the perfect spot for events and exploring nature
  • Environmental restoration: Expanding the bushland corridor by 300 hectares
What has been delivered so far?
  • Shale Hills Dog Park: the best dog park in Sydney featuring modern design, agility equipment and smart places to gather
  • Wylde Mountain Bike and BMX: Australia’s largest combined mountain biking and BMX hub featuring more than 15km of purpose-built mountain biking trails, a BMX race track and the largest pump track in the Southern Hemisphere.
What is next?
  • Gabrugal Yana – western Sydney’s new iconic walk, celebrating traditional Dharug culture with incredible views along the parklands’ natural north-south ridgeline
  • Mirror Dam Cycleway - a picturesque east-west cycle connection between the M7 to the future M12 through Western Sydney Parklands.


Visualise it thanks to our fly-through.

Want to know more? Read our Southern Parklands Framework summary report.

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