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Lost animals, Posters and Traps

Sometimes our beloved pets run off. Naturally we want to put up posters or set traps to find them but this is damaging to our precious Parklands. Read below about lost animals, putting up posters and setting traps in our Parklands.

Lost animals

This is always a worry. But don't worry, if this happens to you or a friend please contact your local council and they will be able to help you out. If more resources are needed your local council will contact us for assistance.

Aggressive animals

Contact 000 for medical assistance then for the safety of others please report any incidents to your local Police and your local council.

Posters and traps

Putting up posters

Sorry to say, we don't let anyone put up posters in our Parklands. It might seem rude when our Rangers take them down but we have good reason! If people forget to remove posters after their purpose, the adhesive will wear off and the poster will end up as waste in our precious Parklands. Some adhesives used can ruin the surfaces they are stuck to. This then costs time and money to repair, preventing us helping other parts of the Parklands. You can read more on the NSW regulations website.

Setting up traps

We can't allow traps in our Parklands because traps don’t discriminate what they catch (other pets, native animals or people). To prevent any malicious or wrongdoing activities and to protect our native wildlife and innocent critters passing by, Parkland staff will remove them. It is also illegal under our Parkland Regulations.

But we NEED a trap!

Then just ask– we don’t bite. Get in touch with your local council who will then work with you on this, your local council will then involve us if and as needed.

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